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    Dear RC33-ISA members.

    As the RC33 delegate of Assembly of Councils of the ISA I am asked to vote regarding the restructuring of the ISA, more precisely about the re-composition of the program committee for World Congresses (see details below). I intend to vote FOR PROPOSED CHANGES as I see no reason not to support these changes. However, if any of you have any objections or reservations, please let me know. You can simply reply to this message and let us start the discussion here. We have time to discuss till the beginning of September and I have to vote by September 14.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Katja L. Manfreda
    RC33 President


    The message I have received from the ISA President (June 10, 2013).

    Dear Member of Assembly of Councils [RC33 Delegate K.Lozar]:

    Following detailed discussions over the last year, the ISA Executive Committee has voted to propose changes to the organization of our association. The proposed changes involve the re-composition of the program committee for World Congresses that will give wider representation to Research Committees and National Associations and enable future ISA Presidents to play a more direct role in shaping World Congress programs. If the proposals pass then they will take effect at the 2014 World Congress in Yokohama.

    The proposals involve changes to the ISA Statutes and By-laws. This requires a vote from the Assembly of Councils, which is composed of the representatives of Research Committees and National Associations (in good standing).

    Details of the change can be found at where you will find the details of the proposed changes, rationales for and against the changes and the corresponding modifications to the ISA Statutes and By-laws. I urge you to study these documents with care and consult with your members about these changes. All 4 documents are in the three official languages of the ISA, but the English version will govern in case of ambiguity. At this same website you can add your comments and questions.

    The ISA Secretariat will send the electronic ballot out in a few days to your address, but if you wish us to send the ballot to a different address please let Izabela Barlinska, ISA Executive Secretary,, know immediately. You will have 90 days to register your vote.

    Best wishes,

    Michael Burawoy 
    ISA President


    Dear RC33-ISA members,
    I would like to remind you that the deadline to vote on restructuring the ISA is 14th September 2013. As said, I (as the RC33 delegate) am inclined to vote for proposed changes. If any of you have any objections or with to discuss, simply reply to this message.

    If you want to see the detailed proposals or the state of debate on the issue within the ISA then simply go to
    Katja Lozar Manfreda
    RC33 President

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