BMS and RC33: The adventure continues!

WagnerC_rc33 March 22, 2019

As Karl van Meter reminded us in his contribution to the first issue under the new editorship (van Meter, 2018), the RC 33 is a constant travelling companion for the BMS. The “Logic and Methodology” committee of the International sociology Association (ISA, AIS in French), RC 33, is thus one of the research groups of […]

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Introducing Henrik Andersen: VP for awards

WagnerC_rc33 February 15, 2019

Dear RC33 members and colleagues, as hopefully one of the last things I do before the holidays begin, I would like to write a short blog for the website introducing myself and outlining some preliminary plans for the future in my role as board member and occupant of the newly introduced position of vice president […]

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Some Observations on Survey Research Methods and Their Applications in Taiwan: The 2018 Conference and Others

Pei-Shan_rc33 December 8, 2018

As you all know, research methods and methodology are important for all disciplines in social sciences. There is far less research on methodology, however, than that on its applications in most countries. The Center for Survey Research (CSR), Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica, with which I am affiliated, is one of […]

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Inga Gaižauskaitė, a New Vice-president for Membership: Introducing Myself

WagnerC_rc33 December 5, 2018

Becoming a member of RC33-ISA has been prompted by participation in the World Congress 2018 in Toronto. I have been presenting in a session organized by RC33 and have attended many of its other sessions. It was exciting to be a part of research methodology-oriented discussions some of which were directly linked to my own […]

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Replicability in the social sciences: Extent, Reasons and Consequences

Vera Toepoel August 30, 2018

Inspired by the session of RC33 Logic and Methodology in Sociology in Toronto during the World Congress 2018. The original title of this session talked about the replicability crisis in the social sciences. As the program coordinator, I found that title a little harsh. Is it really a crisis? I mean, what is a crisis? […]

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