February 26, 2009

Message to session organizers for ISA congress

Dear Session Organizer,

I have forwarded all your details to ISA and they asked for some details. Here my answers:

First: All proposals will go to the session organizers, you have to decide about their acceptance (your Email addresses will be published on the ISA website). There is no need to send the proposals in addition to Katja or me.

Second: Deadline for proposals is December 15, 2009   Deadline for you to send the proposals to Katja and me is January 15, 2010. This will give you some time to ask additional authors (if there is need for), change topics of speakers, … . Afterwards we will send the whole material to ISA. Each session will have 90 minutes, so please allow for four or five papers (maybe five, there will be some dropouts). The rules for the sessions are the same as for our interim meetings (nobody is allowed to have two papers in a sessions, sessions should be international, …).

Best wishes