March 22, 2019

BMS and RC33: The adventure continues!

As Karl van Meter reminded us in his contribution to the first issue under the new editorship (van Meter, 2018), the RC 33 is a constant travelling companion for the BMS. The “Logic and Methodology” committee of the International sociology Association (ISA, AIS in French), RC 33, is thus one of the research groups of the AIS. It has now been over 30 years that the BMS has biannually published the newsletter of the RC 33, first appearing in the third issue of the BMS (1984). The RC 33 contributes financially to the journal but above all provides its texts and its readers which contributes to the life of the journal. This deep connection between the research group and the BMS has long been directly embodied by Karl himself, both as the editor of the journal and a board member of the RC 33.

The RC 33 has recently elected a new board. Vera Toepoel, the new president, has suggested that together we think about ways in which we can preserve the quality of this collaboration. As the new editors of the BMS, it is fundamental to us to reaffirm the importance of the collaboration with the RC 33 and to find ways to reinforce it. To confer an institutional aspect to this relationship, we invite members of the RC 33 board to be a part of the scientific committee of the journal. We also renew our appeal to RC 33 members to submit articles and special issues to the BMS, they will receive our most particular attention. The current issue of the BMS seemed a very appropriate place to celebrate this collaboration because, by chance, it coincides with the publication of the RC 33 spring newsletter for 2019, which presents a review of the mandate of the previous RC 33 board and the projects of the new team, as well is an article co-written by Vera Toepoel herself.

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