February 11, 2021

RC33 membership fees and finances 2019-2020

Vice president for Finances, Wander van der Vaart

Membership fees

Since May 2020 RC33 distinguishes three categories of membership that – similar to ISA – follow the A/B/C categories of countries ranked according to the Gross National Income of the economy (see or the list on the ISA website):

  • Cat A: €60,- regular and €30,- student. Both including two BMS issues.
  • Cat B: €25,- regular and €12,50,- student. Both without BMS.
  • Cat C: €8,- regular and €4,- student. Both without BMS.

The membership fees are valid for 4 calendar years and apply to RC33-only memberships. See for more information the website:

One may also become a member of RC33 in combination with an ISA-membership, in that case rates apply as presented at the ISA-website:


The table below presents a short overview of the RC33 finance in 2019-2020, the first two years of this RC board term.

Particulars for this period mainly relate to ISA payments and the website maintenance:

  • With regard to ISA we received in 2019 their payment of the RC33 membership fees for ISA-RC33 members as paid in the period 2015-2018. ISA disburses those membership fees per board term, meaning that RC33 receives a large amount once in four year. Also in 2019 we received the second term of the ISA grant for realized RC33 activities in 2015-2018, like conferences and journal issues. In 2020 we received similarly the first installment of the new ISA activity grant for 2019-2022.
  • On the debet side there were in 2020, next to regular website maintenance, some additional costs for further integrating our new membership payment system in the website.





Transaction costs




 Website design


2020  € 1.155  € 134  € 98  € 219  € 1.607  
2019  € 1.882  € 152  € 91  € 78  € 2.203  
Credit  RC33 member fees  ISA member fees


 ISA grant






2020 € 614  € 560  € 1.174  
2019  € 212  € 5.206  € 490  € 5.908  

In total the current RC33-account amounts €8.645. Given that the long-term average of our yearly cost is about €2.500, there’s a reserve of about €6.000.


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